Kula Flow (50 mins): Cover All The Bases

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Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca over two decades ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 2...
(Suggested props: you can do this class without props but if you have two blocks grab them. You may use a strap for one twist and I sat on a bolster to begin with but that could be on the floor or on a blanket as a substitute). 

When you don't have a ton of time but want to hit all the bases, this is the class for you! Hip opening is the main focus but you will also backbend, do surya Bs, get upside down, and close with some seated grounded work and a supported forward fold. Enjoy!