Naimah Efia

Naimah Efia is a holistic health practitioner, specializing in mental health and psychic emancipation.  Through her commitment to transformation & self-determined healing for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), she activates possibilities within a politicized praxis of liberatory care.  Naimah also teaches yoga, is a doula, healing justice practitioner, liberation-based educator and community activist. This array of expertise creates a radically integrated approach to healing and responding to violence, informed by activism, esotericism, breath work, movement, liberation psychology, and diasporic traditions.  

Naimah is the founder of the BIPOC, survivor-led healing justice initiative, #FreeToo.  They also work collaboratively with organizations, institutions and collectives providing liberation-based training, facilitating community healing spaces, and creating processes to transform conflict, and activate collective peace, power and possibility.  Naimah believes in healing as a revolutionary act of resistance that is essential to our liberation, and centers Black survivors in her work, and praxis as a health practitioner & freedom fighter.  

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