George MacPherson

George MacPherson is an intuitive sound meditation practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York through Sound of the Times 

Having experienced personally the potential impact of sound and vibration as a modality that can lead to heightened awareness, inner exploration, and outer connectedness, George offers sound meditations across New York for one-on-one and group experiences through Sound of the Times.

Sound meditations offer an opportunity to connect to a vibrational exchange with harmonics and overtones through a range of instruments, our own voices and the interplay between silence and sound. Tapping into our true frequency through active listening, exploring a level of heightened sensitivity to deep, restorative sound, directing us toward healing from within.

A one hour sound meditation will foreground delicate chimes, and antique Tibetan singing bowls, creating a landscape of sound and vibration, that can hold our full awareness, moving our attention beyond thought, and analysis, towards presence and the inner nature of mind.