Emily Giovine

Throughout my life as a dancer and performer, I have been immersed in different methods of movement study. I first experienced yoga as a relief from several challenging years as a college student in New York City and I loved the ways in which it balanced rigor with compassion. Yoga then became an entry point to a more expansive investigation of the body through anatomy and mindfulness. My foundational training with Alison West gave me an understanding of intelligent alignment and sequencing. I continued to hone my teaching voice and learn to seamlessly link movement with breath in a steady, metronomic flow under the guidance of Schuyler Grant. I'm influenced by my trainings in with Threes Physiyoga, Alex Auder, Elise Browning Miller (Yoga for Backcare and Scoliosis), and Zachery Dacuk. My classes draw on my experiences as a dancer as well as the perspectives of my teachers. Above all, I hope to convey my belief that knowledge and experience through the body is deeply empowering. I continue to study regularly with Iyengar teachers Genny Kapuler and Nikki Costello. Big thanks to Schuyler and Nikki V. for creating the Kula magic.