Cristina Tarantola

I see the practice of yoga as an offering of the heart, where movement and breath are the tools to connect deeper with the truest sense of Self and to attain a higher sense of consciousness. In 2009 I decided to deepen my practice and enrolled in my first training. In my 200-hour training at Yoga Union for Backcare & Scoliosis, Alison West taught me how to balance impeccable instruction in alignment and Pranayama. Her rigorous Iyengar inspired program included a certification in teaching on an Iyengar-style rope wall, as well as training in teaching yoga for back care, which I often offer during my private sessions. Right after Alison's West 200-hour, I dove in and completed a 75-hour advanced intensive training for experienced teachers with Schuyler Grant on The Art of Teaching Kula Style Yoga: Or Deconstructing Creative Alignment-based Flow with Intelligence and Precision. I continue to deepen my knowledge of anatomy. In 2011, I completed a year long course with Leslie Kaminoff at the Breathing Project and have attended many continuing education workshops with Amy Matthews, among others. After a year and a half as part of the teaching faculty of Katonah Yoga, opened by Nevine Michaan, I decided to further my knowledge and understanding of "Body Reading" and enrolled in a 6 month long course with Zach Dacuk, where the focus is a deeper understanding of the human anatomy and dynamic of body movement to create intelligent sequences in a yoga flow class. Interruption of patterns to re-construct, rebuilt a conscious way of moving. By seeing posture and patterns, we set the stage toward bringing the body into alignment. My goal is to teach from my practice, share what I have learned and continue learning and to offer what moves me. I seek to create space and strength in the body and in the mind in order to create space in life through a grounding, challenging, expansive and uplifting Vinyasa practice. My dedication to yoga is deeply fueled by the great inspiration and gratitude I have for my teachers, Alison West, Schuyler Grant, the Kula community and many others that have deeply touched my heart. Yoga is my life long journey.

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