Bryan Alonso

Bryan is a yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner, a meditation guide, and a dedicated student of Zen Buddhism. He sees no separation between these practices and in his work explores the intersectionality therein, and the peace and freedom to be found within that space.  His life was changed during an intensive training period at Dai Bosatsu Zendo in Livingston Manor NY, in great part because of the principle embodied in a line chanted before every meal: “What is most essential is the practice of attention, which helps us cut through greed, anger, and delusion.” Bryan is an attentive and compassionate holder of sacred space. His patience and calm presence will allow you to be at ease in his classes, and he believes that’s the best place to challenge yourself from. He hopes the space of creativity, fluidity, and light-heartedness that he cultivates will allow you to connect with the subtler inner energies- all so you can bring the peace found there outside the studio, into the world.   He credits his teachers Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi, Magi Pierce, and more recently Nikki Vilella, Rebecca Ketchum, and Genny Kapuler with inspiring him to become a better person and thusly a better teacher.

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